Saturday 30 May 2015

Gone But Not Forgotten

Another piece of my murky and hard to explain past is going now.  In the picture above the older building and the rest of it is being flattened to be replaced by a new stand.  1909 it was built and is a clubhouse where once we drank in a different age, near sixty years ago.

My father had been there too a few times, albeit as a welcome guest, his sport was boxing.  A couple of the husbands of his close cousins were members in the 1930's and turned out for the team on occasion.

Is nothing sacred?

The clue to where it is can be seen in this Youtube item where the late great Joe Melia pops up from time to time.  The nick name of the club was taken from the badge of the old local county regiment and Joe was born and bred in the City, to where my family moved in the 1930's.

But Joe went to a soccer school and did not go there much, if at all.  I knew him quite well, he used the same library and bus service and lived a few streets away.  If he had wanted a pint or two, I would have been happy to take him.

Another goodbye.

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  1. "If he had wanted a pint or two, I would have been happy to take him."

    Everards of course.