Thursday 7 May 2015

Going Job Hunting?

It is election day and the nation is steeped in misery so here is something to add to it.  It relates to the post "Running The Numbers" three days ago which was about change and what can happen.

This is the way to go at least in Germany and predicts how work and the jobs market will alter in the next few years.  If you think the last couple of decades have been rough you ain't seen nothing yet.

In Britain we like our traditions such as how some enjoyed ourselves so long ago in the late 1980's; a strange and faraway world which can only remind us of what we have lost.

But, look at the big boy right in the middle of the picture above.

If he loses his job just how will he find another like it?

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  1. Complexity could come to our aid. Millions of jobs created by the incessant tinkering needed to keep all this automation going because the current version never works reliably and a better version is always in the pipeline.

    For example, our brand new gas fire installed today doesn't work properly so an engineer will have to come out and tinker with it. Will it ever work properly? I don't know but the last one didn't.