Friday 22 July 2016

The Empire Strikes Back

Sometimes the views of an apparent outsider can be more to the point than those of the insiders.  In Zero Hedge, Professor Jayati Ghosh of New Delhi gives an imperious over view of the European Union.

It is a little long but readable and clear being written in the direct and structured English that has been lost to the us in the West.

What happens next is the basic question he asks; the answers to which seem to escape most and almost all of those at present engaged in the relevant debates in Europe and the USA.

He concludes:

The European Union as it exists today is unstable and probably unsustainable. But it will be tragic indeed if it collapses under the weight of its own contradictions only to yield to the petty and xenophobic forms of national neoliberalism that are currently the most forceful alternative to neoliberal economic integration.

What Europe and the world require are more internationalist alternatives based on popular sovereignty, solidarity, the improvement of workers’ conditions and the rights of citizens. Sadly, at this time there are only very few voices making such demands.


If the EU and Brussels become too much of a problem for the more stable and developed world, perhaps India might help to resolve matters by sending in The Yellow Boys, that is the 1st Bengal Lancers, once Skinner's Horse, to take over Berlaymont.

Skinner was of Scots-Indian parentage and a formidable soldier and general.  Perhaps it would be the only way today for the UK or the Scots to make an effective impact in Europe.

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