Thursday 28 July 2016

Questions Of Politics

Over there, over there, in their coming Presidential Election we have a 70 year old up against a 69 year old; both have a man in the late 50's as their candidates for Vice President.

Each hopes to be the one who will swear the Oath of Office in 2017 for a four year term and maybe, in time, a second one as well.

In the USA it is the convention for people elected to the highest positions to appoint more senior and experienced people as their key subordinates to guide them through the maze of DC politics and administration.

Will it be the case this time round?

One thing is for sure, and that is the National Center for Creative Aging in Washington DC should be doing good business, see www creativeaging dot org for more information.

Government of the pensioners, by the pensioners, for the pensioners?

The right to bear zimmer frames?

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  1. When you see the young of today why not chose the aged?