Thursday 14 July 2016

Down The Pan

Flabbergasted, I was considering a post "At The Going Down Of The Bullingdon", assuming their members were out of government when I learned that the Club's Chief Inspector of Sanitary Facilities, Boris Johnson, is to be Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

The immediate question is how many wars and where we shall now embark on and whether he does really manage to reclaim our long lost thirteen American colonies.  At least his Gulf and corporate chums will be happy and our remaining colonies can look forward to a skyscraper future.

Is anyone taking bets?  Because if you are the game is rigged.


  1. Sound policy Boris as foreign secretary. If you want to keep the restless domestic audience attention away from whats going on at home have the focus put on the a wider stage outside. His antics will keep us glued to our seats. And if all goes pear shape at home he can always start a war or two. Although he probably may make that happen anyway.

  2. The game is always rigged one way or another. Maybe Boris is supposed to charm Angela Merkel.