Monday 18 July 2016

Singing For My Supper

That inimitable pop group "The Scaffold" had a major hit with the song "Lily The Pink", long ago when I used to polish my shoes, wind up the clocks and watch, and wear a tie.

Another one was "Thank You Very Much", a satirical piece which was well received by the younger proletarian classes at the time.

One of the mysteries left to posterity was the question of what exactly was "The Aintree Iron" of the lyric which has excited much debate, notably in the pages of The Guardian, and many contrasting opinions.

Here is the song at two and a half minutes.  But I know Aintree well and once lived adjacent to the racecourse, where in 1937 the then Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth gave me a wave, as King George and she passed our house on their way to The Grand National.

The answer is a simple one, especially if you know the railway layouts at the time.

Disused Railway Stations has the answer, as you might expect.

Is there much going on out there at the moment?

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  1. "Is there much going on out there at the moment?"

    Not much, it's too hot.