Wednesday 17 August 2011

Prayer For Today

From the web, firstly, a translation courtesy of one of the family who prefers to go back to source in the Latin, hat tip Dr. Jeremy Taylor. Secondly, the original from the web via another member of the family, source unknown, but it is unlikely to be Archbishop Cranmer.

Pater Noster.

Pater noster, qui es in carcerem
Vestibulum nescit nomen eius.
Bacchatur tuus venit legit in sole,
quod est Bremenium in Londinium.

Da nobis hodie panem nostrum bonum, et dimitte nobis ASBO scriptor,
Ut sapien urna palmis caedebat qui nobis ASBO est adversum nos.
Ne nos inferas in usu, sed libera nos habitationem.
Rapina Quia tuum est, et ad incendium damno scelus.

Omnia saecula saeculorum.

non est

Our Father

Our father, who art in prison,
My mum knows not his name.
Thy riots come, read it in The Sun,
In Birmingham as it is in London.

Give us this day our welfare bread, and forgive us our ASBO's,
As we happy slap those who got us our ASBO's against us.
Lead us not into employment, but deliver us free housing.
For thine is the looting, the arson and criminal damage.

For ever and ever.



I have nominated this for an Incitatus Award for Services to Culture.

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