Monday 1 August 2011

And Now For The Not So Good News

Here are a few things to cheer you all up in these troubled times, rather than go on about it all myself here are a few links.

With an interesting Atlantic storm brewing off South America which may develop it seems best to start with what can happen in The Gulf if it becomes busy in weather terms:

The oil is needed not only for vehicles but for a vast range of other products. Amongst them are the pesticides so crucial to our crop yields. There seems to be a growing problem.

With money at the front rank of our affairs, one lot who are more often on the mark than off it do not like what they see.

Another one reminds us that President Obama trained as a lawyer and found himself needing to understand economics and finance. Just like Tony Blair did.

Back in Europe it is beginning to become more complicated in the weft and warp of central banks, globalised investment banks and the rest.

In the FT it appears that Terry Smith has caught up with my Fantasy Island Theory of Economics.
Meanwhile in New York some folk are living like some people at the Nene Park in Peterborough. The local football team is known as “The Posh”, a word that does not describe the campers way of life.

If you have the cash you could always take flight but if you haven’t you will have to make up for the taxes that are not going to be paid.

In the past things have sometimes changed suddenly, but not always happily. We seem to going through a dry spell at the moment.

At Covent Garden the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Ballet are doing “Don Quixote” and is sold out for that one. Perhaps it is the only thing that makes sense.

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