Thursday, 18 August 2011

Another Planet

The media is telling all about a new film, “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” which connects to the 1968 film. At some time in the 1980’s I did attempt to watch a screening of this but gave up in favour of the teletext. Thanks to the web and youtube it is possible to work out the storyline.

The new film has a plot line that I understand involves a large corporation hoping to make vast profits on a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. This requires a lot of serious testing on apes and somehow they get out of control. In parallel with this the scientists involved let loose a nasty virus that does for most humans.

So the apes get to be top dog, if only to mix a metaphor, perhaps a virus is getting to me and the humans are corralled and used as slaves having become beings of a lesser intelligence and capability.

Considering this and looking at the world around me, I wonder if it has already happened. Only it has not been done quickly and has simply unfolded quietly and without notice because of all our other preoccupations.

The result has been the development of another species of humanoid which because of alterations in the brain and behaviour patterns have been able to take and assert control.

If you look hard at the forms of speech, the grammar, the gestures, the rutting habits, the inexplicable content of their communication and the urge for domination and destruction amongst our politicians, financiers and their close associates the pattern is clear.

We poor gentler members of an older species with our trusting and complex thinking brains cannot compete with them and indeed have been so persuaded by their arrogance that we have elected or supported their bids for power.

My reason for thinking this has taken a little time is because in the 80’s I attended a meeting at which a number of Labour politicians were to be present. When it was about to start someone asked “Where’s John?” to which the reply was “Oh, he’s outside swinging in the trees.” I cannot reveal which John it was.

If you disbelieve me, look around you and weep.

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