Sunday 4 May 2014

Reforming Parliament?

Apparently the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow is on a mission to make the Palace of Westminster a more commercial operation, beyond the backhanders. 

The plan is to turn the place with its extensive eating and even more extensive drinking holes into a tourist attraction and an events centre with occasional meeting days for politicians.

We are already aware that you pays your money and you gets your chance there but it seems all a little on the tawdry side.  But with, it is said, a billion pounds needed for repairs and maintenance, beggars cannot be chosers. 

As the present inmates have reduced so many to beggary it might be a fair option.

However, and it is a big "how" it looks like our Prime Minister, with the emphasis on the "mini" is badly in need of a major game changer.  With one year to go before an election he needs to take the initiative and keep it going.

It has to be big enough to command media attention, even to displace celebrity pregnancies from the headlines.  It needs to be bold enough to show that he is a man of power.  And it needs to cure several of our ailments with one major piece of surgery

Critically, he needs to deal with the Westminster Syndrome.

The big idea for the future may be to move the lot North. This item from here on Tuesday 19 May 2009 has the answer.  It would change the face of politics.

It might even work.


  1. I don't want them anywhere near me. How about a mobile Westminster Village travelling from town to town like a circus?

  2. Bring on the clowns? Back in the 50's I was doing Div Move Orders for a full Armoured Division, around 15000 men plus all kit and equipment. We had to able to move at one hours notice to go anywhere. It is not difficult when you get used to it..

  3. Sounds like Queen Elizabeth I's royal progress; move around the realm keeping an eye on everyone and let your hosts bankrupt themselves in succession to keep you entertained; just think of the expenses claims this could generate!

    Actually, according to some historians, the main reason was that the court generated so much ordure that decamping at regular intervals was essential.