Sunday 25 May 2014

Have A Nice Day

As today is a public holiday perhaps it is time for something fun and cheery.  But then, my jokes are either obscure or not very funny.  So we will stick to the usual.

During the next few months the National Health Service is going to be one of the major political battle grounds of the election campaign. 

The provision, who it is for, how it is organised, who are intended to benefit and its role in the economy provide plenty of opportunity and our politics are nothing if not opportunist.

There is one small issue that is likely to be ignored.  This is because it is embarrassing and software matters are already an expensive shambles in health provision.  

The other is that the politicians and almost all the management are deeply ignorant of it and the implications.

Also, the media does not understand it and it does not make for easy news retailing, short clips and quick answers.  It is not something that is wanted high up or even on the agenda.

It is security and software and those of us who tap away do know that they are connected.

Read the link and worry, it might be you that the kit is wired up to.

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  1. There are also problems with too much security.

    Help - I've forgotten the defibrillator password.