Thursday 1 May 2014

Invitation To The Balls

It is always nice to be invited to something, especially when it is from someone who seems to have your best interests at heart.  At our age and stage the invites are drying up so it always gives a cause for cheer when they do.

This morning the postman brought us a special one, is it an offer we cannot refuse?  Could we shun such a philanthropic ideal?  Is it the chance of a lifetime and a better one than all those cruises to rat ridden locations teeming with stomach bugs?

It says "Be Part of the London Housing Bubble" and is from a gent' called Simon Miller who seems to know a lot about the subject and is willing to help as much as he can.

What is wonderful is that if we respond and instruct them to sell our residence we will feature in the major London Property Exhibition to be held at Park Lane in London, no less, on Wednesday 7th May.

Can I assume that the fizz will be flowing freely?  Will we be rubbing shoulders with the great and the good, or at least the great and the bad, depending on the expenses claims?  Will people, if only estate agents, be happy to chat to us?

Alas, my Chairman and Finance Director tells me to bin it and go back to searching the Disused Stations Web Site for my lost youth.  Practical as ever, it is pointed out that we are miles from London and cannot afford a garage in an outer suburb let alone an abandoned council toilet.

We are told that prices are going up by 12.9 per cent in general in London with up to 23.5 per cent in one area in the last year.  This is said to be bringing joy to all, except many buyers, renters and others.

Thanks to the wisdom of our leaders and financial experts this has no effect on the inflation figures or other crucial indexes.  This we are told is investment and not consumption and does not affect our critical personal financial outlays.

What could possibly go wrong?


  1. I see Simon Miller has something called "whitehot property". What happened to dear old "red hot"? I blame global warming.