Thursday 8 May 2014

News From Nowhere

Science marches on, or staggers swaying from side to side depending on how you look at it.  Having already done an item about how unwelcome bad news is, perhaps there should be more effort into promoting it as good news.

One such finding from the bones of the past was that after the Great Plague of the 14th Century, the surviving generations lived longer, better fed and healthier lives.  The reasons could be complicated but at the simplest level fewer people may have more on their platter.  Bring back the plague?

Another item was about the nature of resistance to antibiotics a matter of concern to science, health and all of us.  A new angle on this is that as the cows pumped up with the drug do the natural thing, the manure then used as fertiliser transmits the genes for resistance into the plant food chain.

For those who think the human race is gradually, or rapidly, going mad there is a case being made for a problem with the body's ability to deliver sulphate to the brain to nourish it being damaged by the extensive use of metal toxins in a wide range of things, notably vaccines.  Also Glysophate, a pesticide in extensive and often excessive use, is in the frame.

Where do I come from is a question that DNA science is more able to answer.  The linked article in Science Daily says that now it is possible to narrow down a location to village level at around a thousand years ago.  If this was made compulsory some people may be heartened but I fear that a lot more would have a nasty surprise.

Last but not least is the news that on opening a bottle of wine, it is the fruity flavours that fade first and quite quickly.  The idea of necking a bottle of Chateau Latour to avoid this does not really appeal.


  1. "the body's ability to deliver sulphate to the brain"

    Fortunately asparagus contains sulphur.

  2. Glysophate isn't a fertiliser, it's weedkiller.....

  3. Anon, very true, have amended.