Thursday 9 December 2010

Training Students For The Future



As part of its ongoing reformulation of structures and engineering of social capability and responsiveness to a fast changing challenge in the learning environment the Faculty of Humanity and Science has created a new degree course. This has been achieved by the internal readjustment of revenue and capital flows.

Those students presently enrolled in the Physics, Chemistry, Modern Languages, European History, Classics and Philosophy courses will be reallocated with credits for modules that either have been completed or would have been if the student in question can be deemed to be present.

The new course is as follows:


B. Sc. In “Railway Observation And Analysis”

First Year Course

Spatial Analysis in Linear Perception
Configuration of Platforms for Flow Mathematics
History of Railway Provision
Development Economics of Rail Systems
Structures of Form and Avoidance of Legal Constraints

Second Year Course

The Elements of Movement and Distance
Recording Techniques and Numerical Awareness
Directional Learning and Acquisition
Applied Complex Movement
Basic Sound Communication Elements

Third Year Course

Practical Climatic Change, Chaos and Collapse Dynamics
Photographic and Related Technical Basics
Advanced Communication Failure Techniques
Public Relations and Animal Herding Studies
Software Systems and Breakdown Theory

Fourth Year Course

This will be based on the presentation of a Dissertation extending Third Year course work with special reference to Climate Change, Chaos, Communication Limitations and Human Deresourcing. This will be based on Field Work to be undertaken at Clapham Junction, West Hampstead, Willesden and Old Oak Common.

The successful completion of the course will entitle the graduate to access on designated rail stations and termini for the purpose of enumeration of rail stock.

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