Sunday 18 September 2016

John Simpson's Near Miss

In the news today is a major story about John Simpson, the BBC news reporter who has been in so many danger zones at so much risk so often.

This was nearly the one that got him, Anaphylaxis, the extreme toxic allergic shock.  What the article does not say is which was the critical substance that triggered it.

Been there, done that and when the Guys immunologists eventually checked it out they remarked that they were glad to see me because so few survived it.

A possibility to be considered is Chlorhexidine, it fits the kind of time, place, severity and difficulty in diagnosing.  If so, this comes with conditions.

One is the cheerful advice I was given to stay out of hospitals and indeed avoid medical personnel and establishments as much as possible.

If John has copped for this or a parallel substance, I would be happy to give advice.


  1. Thanks for that Demetruis, what did you do when you were shitting and spewing at the same time?

  2. I was very lucky, already in hospital when it hit with personal help to hand.

  3. People can be very casual about household chemicals. They may be safe enough, but are they safe for you and is there an alternative?