Tuesday 20 September 2016

Fast Finish Fashion

Something literary has turned up which will take a little time so a short item but with large implications.

It is suggested that among the many destructive consumer goods markets are the ones in clothes.

Fast fashion from Naked Capitalism explains what it is.

Frock horror?


  1. What we need is fur, then we wouldn't need clothes. No doubt we'd still have fur fashions though.

  2. Sackcloth and ashes, laddy, sackcloth and ashes.

  3. Excellent article - thanks!

    Back in 2013, The FT quoted a Bangladeshi trade association spokesman:
    "In November, [garment] exports rose over 29 per cent but our target was about 40 per cent."

    With this appetite for growth pouring stock into an already saturated market, there is no way to avoid the vast economic, environmental and human costs of fast fashion.