Sunday 25 September 2016

Expert Predictions

With Jeremy Corbyn confirmed as Leader of the Labour Party by a convincing majority there is a lot of clatter in the media predicting a bad future for Labour.

Let me see now.

In the 1935 vote Herbert Morrison was assumed to be the man of the future, but Clement Attlee won despite Arthur Greenwood being favoured by many.  In 1945, this alleged nonentity beat Churchill by a large majority to become Prime Minister.

In 1955, Eden, the man for all seasons, took over from Churchill to be Conservative Prime Minister winning the 1955 Election.  Macmillan was but a party stalwart who at one time was thought to be only just Cabinet material.

In 1963 Harold Wilson was a man with a small following but not to be relied on, especially with his fetish for figures.  Gaitskell was a man of ideas with a long future ahead of him.

In 1963 Macmillan concluded it was time to go, especially with major figures such as  Butler to take over.  But Alec Douglas-Home became Prime Minister to the astonishment of all.

In 1976 Wilson suddenly left office for health reasons. Dennis Healey was expected to succeed, but Jim Callaghan, regarded as a useful workhorse, became Prime Minister.

In the late 1960's and early 1970's those listening wearily to Mrs. Thatcher turgidly turning over the pages of prepared speeches would have been rolling in the aisles with helpless laughter at the idea of her becoming a Prime Minister.

In 1994, John Smith, Labour Party leader, widely expected to beat John Major in the coming election, died suddenly to be succeeded by Tony Blair.

In 2005, the Conservatives were undecided as to who next might be Leader after the previous two had lost elections and divisions in the ranks.  David Cameron won on the second ballot and was thought to be the least worst option.

In 2007 Tony Blair resigned unexpectedly to spend more time with his bankers, meaning that Gordon Brown also unexpectedly became Prime Minister.

In 2016 Cameron went off in a sulk after being caught out in one of his major errors of judgement.  Theresa May, the girl from nowhere, became Prime Minister as the least worst option.

Also in 2016 Jeremy Corbyn won decisively to retain his position as Leader of the Labour Party, and the media and others tell us that he will never become Prime Minister.

Be careful what you wish for.

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  1. The possibility hinted at is just too depressing - and it's raining.