Monday 12 September 2016

Hillary Clinton

Putting aside the politics etc. I wish Hillary Clinton a recovery from her present health problems.  Inevitably, the media and the blogs have been full of comment.  Among the several possibilities there may be a problem that is little understood or admitted.

This relates to the sketchy information that Hillary has allergies and takes antihistamines to control the effects.  Were it as simple as that.  Allergy, arising from problems in the immune system, is not a fixed or limited issue, it can develop and worsen with age, stress and the impact of strong substances during a period of vulnerability.

Often particular ones can be very difficult to identify and control. They can hit quite suddenly and for no apparent reason other than routine exposure to what has suddenly became an allergen, perhaps serious, for that individual.

This is the case for those who contract serious chemical sensitivities and these can become multiple.  In recent decades our ordinary products, foods, household and personal contain more, increasingly complex and stronger synthetic chemicals.  One case in point is fragrances, now in and on almost everything and everywhere.

Inevitably, some people react and some of them badly and many may not be diagnosed. I hope for her sake that her bad turn was not anaphylactic shock and she now has anaphylaxis to deal with.  It might be a lesser reaction in someone already unwell.  But if it is something or anything like this it can be life changing.

If she is, it might be better for all of us if she were to admit it.


  1. Unfortunately she hasn't acquired the habit of admitting things.

  2. She has been prescribed Coumadin (A 'blood thinner'), and while all the blog talk is of Parkinsons, my bet is on TIA's at the very least. Her family history does contain a very high CVA (Stroke) risk on both sides.