Thursday 15 January 2015

Who Is Nigel Farage?

One of the problems I have with UKIP is Nigel Farage.  Quite what the real policies are and would be if they had power or major influence are not clear to me.

Also I have this interest in forage, which is close in spelling.  Before you assume wild things what it is about is military logistics before motorised transport became common and then basic.

What was required was horses plus other pack carrying animals.  They needed forage.  So no forage meant no horses etc.  No horses etc. meant no effective logistics with direct effects on how armies moved, fed themselves and many other things, not least cavalry.

Think Napoleon's retreat from Moscow in 1812.  Once they had eaten the horses and indeed all the leather tack etc. and had a long way to go they were in real trouble.

So what has all this to do with Nigel Farage now leading UKIP into a situation where if the gods really do have a sense of humour he might have a critical influence on who governs and how?

As they gain more support they have to be more active and have many more candidates.  This takes resources and also needs a raft of policies to sustain their impetus.  In short, political forage.

At the moment they are struggling to do this and like an army needing food are scouring the land for what they can find to sustain their efforts.  While this is going on Nigel has to say something. 

So at present he is complaining about everything that comes to mind.  This has the risk of being accused of all the "ists" that attract protest and dislike.  On the other hand he has become the voice of the fed up and all those disgusted about this and that.

Now he is our Grumpy, and the one from "Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs" and distinct from the Mr. Grumpy of the Mr. Men.  The snag is that like the dwarfs at the end of it all UKIP will still be digging.

Snow White will be left with the cooking and cleaning, the Prince will have moved to Brussels and the Evil Queen of corporate finance will still be in charge.


  1. Or people might have representation.

  2. "Quite what the real policies are and would be if they had power or major influence are not clear to me."

    It isn't clear to me either, but that won't stop me voting UKIP. We need an upheaval because if we don't get one we carry along the path of terminal decline.