Monday 12 January 2015

Who Is Nick Clegg?

Nick is man who does not seem to get things quite right.  He is prone to being argumentative and intractable and to do things that make little sense even in terms of his own interest.

As Leader of the Liberal Democrats he has obstructed Democracy and been very illiberal at times.

He reminds me of the character of Count Duckula, the juvenile delinquent vampire duck doomed to be the Count Dracula of our times by some freak of circumstance, much as to his surprise Nick became Deputy Prime Minister in 2010.

He is attended by Igor, the bad tempered and surly put upon butler who is more logical but often equally misguided but unlucky enough to be on the wrong end of the Count's scrapes.  Think Vince Cable.

The person who cares for the young Count is his Nannie a large, formidable, very clumsy lady who leaves a trail of destruction in her wake in her ambition to be useful, concerned and the maker of decisions.  Think Danny Alexander.

If you know this cartoon character and the shambles he invariably leaves around him then you have Nick Clegg.

1 comment:

  1. An apt portrait. How he climbed so far up the greasy pole is a mystery to me - he just doesn't have what it takes. Apart from the dishonesty of course.