Tuesday 6 January 2015

Off We Go Again

In the next five months the electorate of the UK will be circling the Bermuda Triangle that is British politics while their present leaders and other potential ones attempt to navigate despite the compasses and other equipment going wild or dead.

The three sides to the triangle are climate change, issues arising from demographics and population matters and Europe.  Deep beneath the waters are the great trenches of property, inhabited by voracious beasts and the other connected one of debt, with much the same beasts and other creatures unknown or unpredictable.

Then further into the deep are many caves, tunnels, holes and the rest that are the places where all our political myths and fantasies let alone dogmas have their slimy origins.  It is a world of taxation, benefits, subsidies and channels for funds going who knows where.

Also down there is the wreckage of so many ships of state and airy policies, manifestos, promises, commitments that all disappeared without trace often in a puff of mist or a glitch in the magnetic field of events.  We shall never know really why only what ancient legends, folk tales and fairy tales might claim.

In my purely personal opinion, taking account of all the factors into consideration and after an in depth study and analysis of all the information and relevant research, I have come to firm conclusion that may be moderated according to changing circumstances and a frantic need to claim I was right after the election.

We are all doomed.

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  1. I agree. I don't expect anything useful from the election. Habits are too ingrained, vested interests too powerful, and the moral compass fell overboard years ago.