Tuesday 13 January 2015

Who Are Cameron And Osborne?

Pairings may be planned, accidental or arise from special circumstances.  In the case of Cameron and Osborne which is open to question.  But like it or not, when the histories are written they will be linked together for better or for worse.

The writers will have their own say on who became richer and who became poorer as a result of their efforts.  But their time in office has been a quest for success in the hope that it would lead to not just winning the next election but gaining real power.

Yet this level of success had eluded them.  For all the spouting of figures and great claims and striking of poses there isn't much to show for it and what there is all seems to create losses and major liabilities for the future.

Which brings to mind the ineffable efforts of the team of Dick Dastardly and his associate hound, Muttley and their super rocket car The Mean Machine and The Double Zero.  In the series Wacky Races this was by far the fastest car.

Unluckily, because of their own duplicity, hastiness and errors of judgement, they always lost, often staggering in last and falling apart.  In short they defeated themselves.

Later, they turn up as major figures in the "Dastardly and Muttley And Their Flying Machines", also known as "Stop The Pigeon" where their unceasing and strenuous efforts lead to one disaster after another.  To quote Wikipedia:


Often it appears that if Dastardly had not bothered to cheat, then he might have won fairly. Upon tasting defeat, Dastardly would utter his catchphrases, "Drat!!! Drat!!! And Double Drat!!!", "Triple Drat!" and even "Curses, foiled again!"

This is often followed by Muttley's snickering. His other main catchphrase was "Muttley, do something!"


The hot money says Penelope Pitstop or the pigeon in May.

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  1. One of Grandson's favourites - I do a fair imitation of Muttley.

    The coalition remind me of the Ant Hill Mob.