Thursday 22 January 2015

Chilcot - The Liars Charter

Back in 2003, having published my opposition to the Iraq War and serious doubts about aspects of the relevant operation orders and logistics of the UK forces, I did a spoof piece that set out the reasons we were being given, only with a punch line at the end as a comment.



We are faced with a dictatorial regime, armed with nuclear weapons, with a large army determined to advance its own interests irrespective of the cause of humanity.

Its leader is an arrogant autocrat, unwilling to heed the warnings of others, bent on a policy of enforcing his personal will on a terrorised population.

His country has a long record of aggression, expansion, and using force to impose its will on others regardless of individual culture.

He hates the United States of America and any of its allies.

He is the representative of an elite that hates the USA and what it defines as Anglo-Saxon culture.

His government distorts and manipulates the media to prevent the truth emerging.

His efforts are designed to put his country at the centre of a client group of states governed by a central bureaucracy that is neither democratic nor just.

The rising rate of unemployment is forcing many of the country’s educated and ordinary people to flee to low paid jobs in service industries in the UK and elsewhere.

He will bring long cherished ideals of Western Civilisation to an end unless action is taken by freedom loving powers, now.

Chirac must be stopped and we have to declare war both on France and his lackeys, the Germans, whether or not the UN approves.


As Sir John Chilcot now tells us that his report on the Iraq War will not be published before the General Election and with the prospect of months even years before it might appear we are left to make up our own minds.

Given that when it does appear, what is "redacted", glossed over, heavily amended and quietly left out may be all the key matters we are most interested in, we must not expect too much.

So I am left with my assumptions, based on what I have seen in the past and the many examples from history when Parliament and the people were told one thing when it was quite another.

In my purely personal opinion, we were lied to, short changed and major efforts were made to cover the deceits, avoid criticism and deal with any opposition.  Since then those involved have evaded both truth and justice.

Our troops were sent in without the levels of support and equipment necessary.  They were asked to put their lives on the line for an exercise in arrogance and support for the corporate and financial advantage of a few.

We do not need any report because we can safely assume from the lack of it and the nature of it the worst.

How many have died?  Who now controls Iraq?


  1. Corporate Isis or USA, or both together.

  2. Guesswork, lies and egos, that's our political class. They make it up as they go along.