Saturday 1 December 2018

Royal Nuts And Bolts

It is reported that Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex, felt that the centuries weighed too heavily in St. George's Chapel, Windsor at the time of her nuptials and wanted air fresheners installed to sweeten the air as well as the proceedings.

Do you take this atomiser to be your lawful wedded husband's answer to his sock problems?

Meghan Telpner on the other hand has a very different opinion reminding us that atomisers etc. are toxic rubbish flogged off to a gullible consumer market that are chemically the equivalent of having a large truck emitting its exhaust gases into your home, office or such. Her Maj', Harry's grannie, above picture, should know, as a girl she learned to service army trucks.

She did not agree with the Duchess to be and threw a spanner in the works on the grounds that if the atmosphere of this holy place was good enough for the monarchs of the past then it was good enough for her.

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