Tuesday 2 May 2017

See You Later Demonstrator

Having been busy yesterday, May Day, with flinching cowardice and traitorous sneering, it is time for reflection and reaction. Does "The Red Flag" sung by many reflect a male supremacist and particular culture which now needs change to reflect our modern times? Should "deepest red" now be a delicate shade of pink?

The problem here is finding a suitable word ending in "ink" to rhyme with it, allowing that rhyming reflects an antique form of lyrics and poems. Also, holding a standard high precludes the many options for posters and other forms of protest in a more instant and diverse visual world.

It would be easier to just put on some clothes normally sent to charities as rags or donations to the poor but useful for any reason where sympathy for the masses is required or discounts are available. Having dressed for the demonstration occasion, what might I be demanding?

The government should ban all forms of credit limits. Unlimited credit should be available to all. The will be good for GNP in terms of both consumer spending and reinforcing the property boom which is making so many of us rich.

All credit should be at least zero rated and any interest rates perhaps in the minus. That is not only will credit be open to all, but instead of liabilities rising they will diminish over time. Clearly this will have an effect on providers of credit, that is the lenders, banks and other financial services.

The government should guarantee their funding by giving or lending them money which they do not have to repay. Indeed the larger their liabilities the greater they are helping the economy. The state's funding will be by borrowing on international markets from the financial services.

Apparently, the retail sector is running into trouble. So much is now online people are not using the local or high street shops. We know this because of all the delivery vans choking up the roads. Many of these depend on zero hours contracts labour and independent operators. Shops should be tax free zones and financially supported by local councils.

All zero hours and occasional jobs must end and everyone who does any kind of job should enjoy a wide range of protection, added support and minimum incomes and access to any and all credit facilities. All incomes must be above the average.

Any employer who pays less than the average will be subject to penalties. If no work is available the employers should allow time off and subsidise foreign holidays to maintain economic growth in those areas.

There is much more along these lines. I am aware that this policy statement is close to those of all the other parties, but I mean what I say subject to terms and conditions and they don't, citing trivial excuses.

But I must sign off. A delivery is expected with my online groceries, they had a very good discount offer.


  1. Don't forget education. All children should receive a better than average education.

  2. "If the skin were parchment, and the blows you gave were ink,
    Your own handwriting would tell you what I think."

  3. How about: "Does your pink really stink?"