Monday 10 April 2017

Signs Of The Times

Sent out to do the shopping found myself behind a large white van with a legend that was a statement on the nature of the society of our times.

A delivery van for Krispy Kreme, it read "No doughnuts are left in this van over night".

Imagine, we live in a world so lacking in moral values that not even such a humble food product is safe from predatory theft.

Does this presage the end of consumerism?

But it reminded me to book a visit the dentist.


  1. We recently found ourselves behind a van with a sign which read 'A blind man is driving this van'. It was owned by a small outfit which supplies and installs window blinds.

  2. Krispy Kreme are very good though. Around here they keep trying to open new shops but are driven away by the Dunkin Donuts juggernaut. Shame.