Tuesday 4 April 2017

California Here I Come

The news that Nicola Sturgeon has signed a climate agreement with the Governor of California, Jerry Brown, suggests that she is hoping for support in funding the SNP.

This one minute trailer for the film of long ago, "Paint Your Wagon"  reminds me that that adding gold digging to her portfolio has its risks.

But the big theme song at the end says it all.


  1. Nicola Sturgeon is in California as head of the Scottish Government, *not* as head of the SNP.

  2. Meanwhile Pakistan aims to increase its use of coal for electricity generation from 0.1 percent to 24 percent by 2020.

  3. Perhaps, rather than gobbing off in California, the Scotch local council leader ought to be concentrating on improving the appalling health service, under-performing educational system and collapsing economy in her part of the world?