Monday 21 December 2009

Jonah Brown - Making The Trains Run On Time

One of the “Private Eye” features is the “Jonah Brown” item by which anything supported by or encouraged by the Prime Minister inevitably has either a sticky end or encounters serious problems. Guido Fawkes claims this as his initiative, although I suspect that the idea has been around in one way or another for some time.

Having made the references here is one of my own taken from the South Eastern Railways web site, a mine of disinformation.

Gordon Brown prime minister officially launches high speed train service

London, 14 December 2009:

Today saw the official launch of the UK’s first domestic high speed service by Gordon Brown Prime Minister.

The new high speed service operates from St Pancras International to Kent and is part of a fully integrated timetable in the South East, marking the biggest change in 40 years.

Transport Secretary, Andrew Adonis said, "These fantastic new services, made possible by the Government's investment in this £5.8bn high speed new line, are changing the transport map of Kent. Journey times have shrunk dramatically, bringing regeneration and new opportunities for investment.

"This shows the potential of high speed rail and we now must consider what it can do for the rest of the country."

Line problem in the Ashford area – 21 December 2009.

Message Received: 06:12:17 21/12/2009

Train services on all routes via Ashford International are being disrupted due to poor weather conditions in the Ashford area.

Short notice alterations, cancellations and delays can be expected.

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  1. We should really shut him in a cupboard for the next few months. I see he cast his magic spell over Copenhagen, turning up 2 days early and completely buggering the whole thing.