Sunday 4 October 2015

The Bahamas Disaster And Tragedy

There has been more than enough to distract us recently and the events in the Middle East have been the headlines with its implications for Europe.

But we should be fully aware of what has happened to The Bahamas over the last few days in the wake of Hurricane Joaquin.  It's islands have been devastated in the full meaning of the word.

The scale of the tragedy is immense.  Not just for the families who have lost loved ones but for the many who now face ruin together with the catastrophic effects on the economy and infrastructure.

Much of the housing stock has been damaged or destroyed.  In a seagoing community many of the boats have gone, the communications are shattered and the commercial and tourist facilities have many beyond repair.

This is an emergency in the fullest and truest sense of the word and our government should be both aware and as active as possible in bringing help and support to this former colony.

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  1. I couldn't live in an area where such natural disasters are always a possibility. Perhaps people adapt but it must leave deep scars in every sense.