Tuesday 20 October 2015

Family Gatherings

Rumbling away in the media there is comment on what is the future for pensions and pensioners in the light of changes to come in taxation and the arrangements for people with pension "pots".  There is a good deal of opinion and not much data.

One attempt to improve the discussion comes from the "Bank Underground" blog by Philip Bunn and Alice Pugh who come to the following conclusion:


In contrast to some of the headlines surrounding the recent reforms, results from the NMG survey suggest that greater pension freedom is likely to have only a small impact on household spending.

There could be a larger impact on property investment, but many of these households could have invested in property anyway.  And for those relying on obtaining a buy-to-let mortgage, some of their aspirations may prove to be unrealistic.


Whether their view is optimistic or pessimistic depends on what you think about where money should be going in the immediate future.

Along with these matters have been the usual murmurings about the options for those in the pensions age group related to property matters and care provision.  If it is messy now it will be in the future.

It could get worse if you wait for the main item on this clip from Monty Python.


  1. How many pensioners of the future will even own a house?

    1. Why own a property then be forced to hand it to the State for care which was once meant to be funded from the National Insurance scam?

  2. Never forget the option of prison - bed and breakfast, free medical care , no funeral expenses , the company of old prists.