Tuesday 13 October 2015

Going Round In Circles

Came the devolution and there was to be a new dawn, a new politics, a better more open and cleaner world and all that if you believed the spin.  In Holyrood new work and duties and a new party in control were going to make it all much better.

Tell me the old old story however seems to be the one on the hymn sheet as the politicians there go into their special promised land.  But in this from Spinwatch it is the corporations and their lobbyists who are making the promises and the politicians who join them in making the gains.

It was ever thus.  When in the middle of the High Street in Ayr my ancestor finished slaughtering a sheep and spotting a small boy who looked hungry he softened.  Giving him the stomach and assorted internal organs he said to him, "Gie this to your mammy to make something to fill ye."

Much good it did him in the poem written later there is no mention of the crucial role of the Fleshers or recognition of their valuable contribution to the community.  But at least the Corporation built the Fleshers a nice new abattoir to work in.  Perhaps the boy's father had a word with the Elders.

It reduces our politics to a type of high rolling Lobby Lud game, see Wikipedia.

"You have a contract to give and I claim my billion or so pounds."

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  1. In some ways Spinwatch seems to be as dodgy as those it claims to expose. Anyone with any kind of public profile seems to come with a tangled network of influence which is impossible to untangle.