Friday 2 October 2015

Joined Up Thinking

It is reported that Lord Nigel Lawson of Beamish has escaped from the cave where old Thatcherites are kept claiming to lead the movement for exit from the European Union.

He is father to Nigella, Head Cook and Bottlewasher, Tenderiser Royal of the BBC, so it is goodbye Paella hello Eccles Cakes.  Also, he was in the Cabinet in the time before the internet, digital TV, the Euro and Premiership football.

He joins a growing number of people who share these views, but one way or another. There seem to be almost as many differing groups as people wanting out.

For some time I have had increasing misgivings about the EU, how it is organised, run, financed and its policies, if you can call their knee jerk responses that.

So one looks for a group that opposes them in a way that might achieve major reform or even leaving if that is the best course.  But given the number of them and the divisions that exist, this is not an easy choice.

The trouble is finding one as this clip from one of the seminal works of our time demonstrates.  Beamish is home to an interesting museum facility presenting life as it was long ago when we were an industrial nation.

It is also part of Gateshead and a visit to Gateshead F.C. website in Wikipedia will reveal a tangled history even more complicated than Lawson's political career, a tale of many relegations and financial disasters.

Perhaps a long really cold winter with a collapse in energy supply and food shortages will do the trick.


  1. "But given the number of them and the divisions that exist, this is not an easy choice."

    I agree. Something tells me the pro-EU side will be better organised and probably better financed.