Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Return Of Flashman Plus Part Five

In a cursory scan of some well trodden sites, there was one item that brought a warm glow to the thirst of the memory.

It was a tribute to Sir Harry Flashman, see Wikpedia, hero of George Fraser Macdonald's tales of derring do of the British Empire at its most active.

Of all places to look it is the Mises Institute that sings his praises, normally a sober, more or less, body that deals in economics and all that.  Sir Harry did not have much time for the dismal science only living life to the full.

It is a little time since I read the books in the spirit of historical inquiry and saw him as someone recognisable, if not quite up, or down, to Harry's standards.

Now the worlds of politics, finance government and the media mostly follow his models of behaviour and beliefs.  But not with the same success or drive.

Sir Harry, where are you when we need you?


  1. Cowering in a lady's wardrobe somewhere?

  2. My father loved the Flashman books, but I could never get into them for some reason. That was many years ago though, so I may give them another try.