Sunday 13 July 2014

More On Modern Living

Usually, doing successive posts bearing on the same, or nearly the same subject is avoided, the two previous ones touched on how the world now works in the literal sense, up to a point.

But the Dilbert cartoon above, for today Sunday 13 July, fits all this so well, it was difficult to resist using it.

The particular matter is that without the web and the instant international contact doing this kind of thing within the time frame would  have been impossible even a decade or so ago.

Another feature of modern life is that when our sporting persons win and bring home the trophies our political leaders are all over them, showering honours and making promises of funding for this and that.

When they are not they seem to become "unpersons" in the Orwellian sense to be shunned and forgotten as soon as possible.  Given the margins between success and failure are so fine, perhaps our leaders could have something to learn?

Notably, pressing the "delete" button does not mean that things have been deleted, they are still there short of total destruction.

1 comment:

  1. I sometimes wonder if Dilbert cartoons are the other side of the pessimistic coin. These and other mildly subversive and cynical cartoons must be read, absorbed and inwardly digested by millions.

    In the end it may make some kind of difference. The status quo can only take so much laughter.