Saturday, 2 May 2009

The Next Step...........

So what next for Gordon? There is only one way to go now. A total makeover, then a total takeover, and then to impose his authority on a recalcitrant party and nation, if the world is now a different place, then we need a different regime.

So here is how I see it, it is a long item, ten minutes, and the music begins quietly, with just the curtain there for a minute. Then it begins, with Boris emerging after five minutes. The sub titles are sparse but entirely relevant.

There are a lot of takes on The Fuhrer in the bunker clip, and some are very good, but for me this one says it all. And we have seen it done on stage, standing, head on with the full view and full blast of the voices and music. See "Boris Gudunov" in Wikipedia.

It’s all that is left for Gordon, to become Boris Gordonunov, happy May Day Holiday.

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