Wednesday 14 March 2018

Health Matters

As we know the National Health Service is one of the leading if not the leading item on the political agenda.

Most of us have a personal interest and if we haven't we will at some time. Yet all has not been well; with the NHS that is.

This article titled "Using Management Consultancy Brings Inefficiency To The NHS" from the LSE perhaps tells us things that we already know. It is short and to the point.

Or as a surgeon might say; cuts to the bone.


  1. There is an interesting comment from your link, encapsulating what many must already know -

    "The NHS is an organisational system that is not designed to operate as a workflow – it consists of functions that create barriers to this workflow."

  2. I suspect most would instinctively side with the title of the paper, but these guys are part of the problem.

    The paper didn't tell me much at all. Probably like many of your readers, I know what 'a pooled time series regression analysis' is - and how to abuse it.

    It didn't take long to find the magic words "more research is needed" . And there we have it - the whole thing is simply more fuel for the gravy train.

    Now I'm going to head off & chant my mantra for a while in a suitably darkened room; "Show me the data. All of it. Then show me what you've done with it."


  3. I can only repeat myself with my opinion that the NHS is a top-heavy, self-serving bureaucracy which has been allowed to forget its real purpose.