Thursday 20 November 2014

Well, I'll Be Fracked

The debate over the nature and impact of fracking is one to be wary of given the complicated science and other things, notably costs, prices and general economic impact.

This article in E Science caught the eye in that it admits that a variety of chemicals are involved.

What is striking is the claim that many of them are more or less the same as in the products in your kitchen, bathroom and for that matter the fridge and freezer.

What I really want to know is whether, down below, are vast reserves of cheap ice cream?

1 comment:

  1. A quote from the original University of Colorado piece states:-

    "But water pollution from surfactants in fracking fluid may not be as big a concern as previously thought."

    Not a huge surprise. By "surfactants" in this context they mean detergents which these days are biodegradable.