Monday 10 November 2014

And Now The Commercial Break

My first attempt at computer games was on the BBC Micro, bought at vast expense, which had a tennis game.  It used up 10kb, a hefty chunk of what Bill Gates then told us was the upper limit, 150kb, of computer space.

My efforts did not go well.  Moreover, when there was a solitaire game on a machine that went badly.  When playing with ordinary playing cards it was always possible to use methods which were imaginative and outside the box to complete.

This was not possible on the machine to my regret.  Since then the games bit has never been part of the way time is spent.  You may suggest it might have been better had I stuck to games, but such criticism I brush aside.

This has been sent to me  by someone to whom I am under an obligation.  It is called "Don't Shoot The Planets" on Google app box and has been devised by a young teenager.  It runs on Android phones and tablets but not on iphones or ipads.  It may also be going on Windows app store.

What all that means is beyond me.  I am off to play darts on my bespoke board where all the numbers are twenties and the bullseye is much bigger than usual to achieve scores in which large margins of error are allowed.

Perhaps I should have gone into politics.


  1. A chap I knew bought a chess game for the Sinclair ZX80. It could just about choose legal chess moves, but that was all.

  2. My first computer was a ZX81 with a huge memory of 1K.