Sunday 16 November 2014

Think About It

The above was in a newspaper of 1868 on a page full of reports about political riots, mining accidents and criminal activities. For some reason it appealed.

Among the reports was one mentioning Rupert Potter, a leading practising barrister of Lincoln's Inn being among the speakers at a meeting at The Adelphi discussing how to deal with criminals.  Human Rights were not on the agenda.

Rupert was the father of Beatrix Potter, the famed writer of children's books.  He was politically very active in the Liberal Party, notably close to John Bright.

Also, a neighbour in The Lakes was Sir Wilfrid Lawson, Baronet of Brayton, whose statue is on The Embankment in London, another senior Liberal who was a notable fox hunter.

Rupert was an excellent shot, often being out with the best on The Glorious Twelfth and active elsewhere.

I wonder if Beatrix became fed up with eating rabbit pie?

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  1. "I wonder if Beatrix became fed up with eating rabbit pie?"

    Possibly, or it may have been the lead shot she had to spit out every now and then.