Wednesday 26 November 2014

From Here To Eternity

Further to my previous post on Mrs. Thatcher, born Roberts.  A comment suggests that her present role is incorrect and that her spirit is contracted to another.  It is possible that many people today are unaware of the changes to Eternity Resources that have occurred recently, albeit with little or no mention.

Essentially, a reverse takeover has occurred and now Eternity is one operation designed to cut costs and increase efficiency in soul handling and management. Funded by a group of Private Equity firms and Limited Liability Partnerships backed by HSBC, Goldman Sachs and others Heaven is now only a brand name for certain specialist marketing functions.

In fact soul security equities are handled by Deutsche Bank and its trusts using them as a basis for Collateral Deposit Obligations and derivative activity across the trading markets in the ether.  Satan And Familiars Inc of the Cayman Islands are now the controlling financial base for all local universe Eternity activity.

The Devil is now both Devil and God, and the former God is tasked with increasing market penetration in Alternative Universes in partnership with Virgin Space.  This is a challenging project which is breaking new ground and takes all his time.

I hope this makes it clear.  The implication for Earth souls is that we are all going to hell, subject to terms and conditions.


  1. "The implication for Earth souls is that we are all going to hell, subject to terms and conditions."

    I never expected anything else. I wonder how many bloggers are down there? Should be lots to write about.

  2. Was there not a hostile takeover bid by an Imp? Alas the minion, leading his mercenary host of crack used car salesmen, got lost, and now resides in Purge-a-Tory, or Marbella as it is Known To The Faithful.