Sunday 12 June 2011

Thick, Thicker, Thickest

Having trawled the web for the latest collection of human error and frailty I can wonder only at the scale of it and just how daft many of us seem to be. How did this lot manage to survive a more challenging past and still have much of a future?

We may think we are clever at present; indeed we are all too confident in what we think we can do. This could be a bad sign. The link to the longish article in the Discover Magazine below suggests that as we created new forms of society we did not have to be smart to stay alive.

In the last century we seemed to have moved on a stage further in the Descent of Man to have formed the habit of electing idiots to govern us, to allow cheats to control our finances and thugs to run public services.

The Daily Mail does cover some science matters although with limited reliability and often less understanding. But at least it can start you looking for more.

It did not take took long to find this one which says more and evidently the Emory University gives a lot of attention to the issues.

It may be the lack of critical micro-nutrients in the modern diets. There is one comforting thought, if you can call it that, it may be just a primitive response.

It is that when I complain about the young today at least I can cite some science.

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