Thursday 23 June 2011

RBS, A Shot In The Dark

The idea of giving us RBS shares is very much back to the ‘80’s and all those lovely privatisation deals where the ordinary citizen is given the chance to join in the action.

Given what has happened since then (who owns British Gas?) one might have thought that wheezes like these needed more careful thought.

The idea that some of us, quite who is not certain, will have the chance to own our own little bit of RBS is being touted as the answer to the very difficult problem of what to do with it in a way that will not upset people.

I was gifted a square metre of some Highland wasteland to enable me to call myself a Laird. More recently, my attachment to Islay Whisky gave me a couple of square feet of that island where rainwater becomes a gift of the gods.

These were welcome, but the idea of being lumbered with a piece of RBS is worrying. It is too much like putting a shot of turpentine into the whisky. It may be an idea to see if it all works but instinct and a sense of smell tells me other wise.

As for more serious and informed comment, it is my opinion that it is impossible to follow this contribution to the debate:


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