Friday 16 April 2010

Volcanoes And Other Fall Outs.

Well, I called Iceland right and for those looking for follow-up Bill McGuire in today’s “Times Online”, Friday 16th April has a good piece in the Comment section titled “A Few Grounded Planes, We Got Off Lightly”. Bill is a man for whom I have a great deal of respect.

What else has been going on? Not much really, so last night we put on a saved programme “Beautiful Minds” second out of three from BBC4 dealing with James Lovelock, the individualist scientist whose insights and Gaia Theory attract so much debate. He was telling us that we are all doomed in the nicest possible way.

For a more local type of doom Market Oracle dot co dot uk on 13th April has a long and detailed analysis by Nadeem Walayat, titled “Britain’s Accelerating Trend Towards High Inflation And Debt Default Bankruptcy”. It is a subject you do not hear a lot about although it is touched on by some people who tell us that they can increase and cut public spending at the same time without increasing taxes to inconvenient levels and let us all have all the presents we want for whatever festive season is appropriate.

There are other things we do not want to talk about in front of the children or those of a nervous disposition. There is Afgh….(shush!!!)..There is the £500 billion needed to sort out all that infrastructure and there I was thinking the Olympics were the key investment. There are other things as well. “Care In The Community” is on the verge of collapse. The NHS has abandoned and stopped bothering about anything that does not require targets to meet set by media advisers in London.

Around the web there is a good deal of mention of knob twiddling on TV. The thesis is rather than thought or analysis we should all base our political responses on the instant of time we react to the personalities involved. So what promises might have prompted me to hit the top buttons?

Free beer for the workers! Ban binge drinking! Spend more on OAP’s, Education roads and social services! Cut local government expenditure! Hang the Kaiser! Unify with Germany! Bring the troops home! Declare war on Russia! Hang the bankers! Easy credit for all! Tear down the barriers to foreign investment! Keep British firms British! End celebrity culture! Give peerages to game show and TV reality show entrants! The list could be endless.

At last the plumbing work in the bathroom has just been finished. I think will go and sit there quietly for a while, if only to avoid the fall-out.


  1. Thank you for directions to the Times article -I'd have missed it otherwise; I couldn't face reading endless analysis of that debate so I didn't bother with a paper today.

    An interviewee on 'Today' raised the interesting question of voting for the good of the constituency rather than for a particular leader; it's interesting that we are having this presidential razzamatazz foisted on us despite not directly voting for the three leaders.

    Still, if we're all going to Hell in a handcart, does it really matter who's driving?