Saturday 23 December 2017

All Change

When did the modern world begin? This is a question that can provoke many arguments with few answers. There are many events or happenings that contribute to it.

For those travelling, watching TV or listening to radio or engaged with many activities they can trace this back to the early 20th Century.

This article from the "Engineer" of 17 December 1909 is titled "Marconi Wireless Telegraphy" and is written by Mr. G. Marconi. The number of people at the time who read this may not have been many.

How many more knew or understood much from reports is a question but probably it may have seemed to them another toy and something strictly for specialists.

A parlour game over the holiday to suggest everything that followed from this discovery and its application might be fun.

Also, it would be a change from TV, radio, or use of other devices.


  1. Another parlour game might be to speculate on possible outcomes of more recent discoveries. Could highlight how few there are too.

  2. When did the modern world begin? Tomorrow?