Thursday 29 December 2016

Football Fodder

The notion that man is what he eats has been around for a time now. Its application in sport in no secret and has had many and various fads and diets of one sort or another in the past.

During the high days of Liverpool F.C. under Bill Shankly in the 60's and 70's he insisted on steak, chips and peas in quantity before matches and it is possible it did help when playing against teams of that era who were more given to liquid lunches. Things have moved on.

A new regime at the club under Jurgen Klopp has the usual fierce trainer for the action. But there is a skilled nutritionist in place who has persuaded the players that proper and wise eating can do wonders.

It is a longish but clear article from the New York Times and might give you cause to think. Mona Nemmer came from Munich in Bavaria and has ways of making them eat, even salads. Footballers eating greens, whatever next, organic fresh foods? Apparently, times do change so watch this space.

In a way, we have been here before. In the late 1940's after the War when rationing was very tight, especially for meat etc. the Liverpool team went over to America to tour in the summer and put as much quality food down them as possible before the English season began.

Also, it is alleged, they brought back a lot that was frozen and one of the local cold stores was forever Liverpool. This was not strictly legal, but as the employees there had their cut, literally, nothing was said. My uncle, when I stayed with his family, might come home with lamb chops and would advise me that discretion was paramount.

The 1946-47 Division One, then the top Division, Champions were Liverpool, picture above, Bob Paisley is by the goalkeeper.

Will the fans soon be singing "Chew on, chew on..." instead of "Walk on, walk on......"?

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