Monday 18 January 2016

Sail Away

If you take a walk along the Regent's Canal in Islington, in some places it is scenic, others it is not.  There are quite a few boats on it, some providing living quarters for the local proletariat, whose Member of Parliament is Jeremy Corbyn.  His musings on matters maritime have made the headlines.

Just as old coal barges are now snug homes his vision is that the Trident missile submarines can be converted to new underwater coal barges to help the reopened coal mines of Scotland to export to Islington, although I doubt they will use the canal.

As a result of the last Labour Government's ideas about big boats we will have two large aircraft carriers without aircraft.  Between these and disarmed Trident vessels they will cost more than the rest of the navy put together, what is left of it.

But think of the jobs it will save and the skills retained from the past and not least the Trade Unions that represent them and pay for the upkeep of The Labour Party.  But why stop there when there are wider fields to conquer?

Restore the manual typewriter is my demand.  Recreating offices with all that paperwork will give a huge boost to both employment and GDP.  A boom in new offices for all those filing cabinets and all the people to make use of them will transform both the property market and the labour market.

Giving away free manual typewriters will spur a transformation of our culture.  It will release millions from the tyranny of computers, dodgy software and the endless long hours of work in social media and exchanging information.

The benefits accruing will mean a new generation of boats, oops ships, for our Royal Navy as in the picture above, underwater surface vessels that are propelled by steam turbine, or even oars persons.

All together now, "Sons of the sea, bobbing up and down like this.......".


  1. At least a typewriter can't be hacked, doesn't need regular updates and doesn't spy on you.

  2. I was told that in the 'good old' USSR one needed a licence to own a typewriter. Apparently it was considered much more dangerous than a firearm. I'd bet that they would think your idea is great.
    As for re-opening the coal mines, an ex-miner friends said that wouldn't happen because they were all taken off care and maintenance under Mr Blair, after which they flooded. A few years of that and they would be death traps even if pumped out.