Saturday 20 June 2015

Telling Tales

The BBC is telling me that the world is said to have entered now a great extinction period with huge losses of species along with many other geophysical events.

This has happened a few times before.  The way I feel this morning with the hay fever, I am not entirely surprised.

This news item may or may not be connected.  I recall when I was Prime Minister a few years back the Ministry of Truth, pictured above, could be very helpful in these matters.

See George Orwell's book "1984" that I knocked off as a schoolboy, under an assumed name.  I know Tony Blair claims to have written it but who would believe a Blair?

The building above had an excellent cafeteria at one time.


  1. An excellent library too! It fed me and my intellect in 1956 - 1957 to very good effect.

  2. I never tell lies apart from this one.