Wednesday 10 June 2015

It's Being So Cheerful What Keeps Me Going

Our Chancellor of the Exchequer has taken it into his head that to pass a law saying no more budget deficits would be a good wheeze to keep the Bilderberg Group chaps happy and away from the door.

We were once adjacent to George and his party at Covent Garden for a performance of "The Sleeping Beauty".  All I can say is please, please can someone give him a big sloppy kiss to wake him up.

Preferably, an individual who is large, hairy, with big teeth and prehensile muscles and one of our distant primate cousins.

The Blair Brown years and the EU gave us some daft laws trying to control complex issues that cannot be resolved in crisis by laws.  Cameron and his Aunty Clegg gave us the utterly stupid one about fixed five year Parliaments, oblivious to the many and various risks entailed. 

We may need our options open if the doomsters are anywhere near right about some immediate prospects.  If you want a good range of choices in this they are available.  It would take some reading but a quick scan of the list will give you an idea.

They are to be found in today's Automatic Earth.  If you go down the list you will see the brief items which invite you to read more in the longer articles.  Taken together they could spoil your evening.

Perhaps there ought to be a law against it.

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  1. "Perhaps there ought to be a law against it."

    Absolutely. All we need is a law making it illegal for things to go wrong.