Wednesday 24 June 2015

Rebuilding The Palace Of Westminster

The Palace of Westminster has fallen behind with its maintenance work.  Tell me the old old story.  As ever this means that work is becoming urgent or else and the costings vary.

Numbers of billions of pounds are predicted and the one certain thing is that after they start they will find a lot more to be done.  Also, there will be committees full of people with bright and expensive ideas.

A while back in this blog the suggestion was made that Parliament should go to Tamworth in basic buildings for the key functions.  With all the technical facilities around a lot could be out sourced and for that matter a lot of the members as well.

Of course, there will be a strong case put for tradition, but it need not be the 19th Century one that claimed to have some sort of medieval origin.

My view is that if history is the guide there are much better choices to be had; such as in the picture above.

If this were adopted there would be no problem of public interest or TV coverage and in addition there would be predictable natural wastage enabling the proper management of business.

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