Friday, 2 August 2013

What's For Dinner?

As the march of science goes on, and on, we learn more about ourselves and others, the past and how we go about our affairs.  We human (up to a point) creatures, like all, have choices to make.  We pride ourselves on being superior and better at this kind of thing.

So how do we discover how we think and make decisions?  As we cannot open up the brains etc. to work out what is going on there we have to use substitutes in experiments.  One set of researchers has done this and claim to have discovered crucial insights in human decision making.

This item from Science Daily may come as a surprise, indeed to some a shock, but there you go.  If all creatures at one time descend from things that crawled out of primeval slime then it can happen.

It may give an explanation of why some of our leaders in politics and finance make the decisions they do and aspects of their behaviour.

Call it back to basics?

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